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Why Should You Choose CodeREV Kids Camps Over Other Coding Camps?

It wasn’t long ago that there were no coding options for kids at all, let alone camps. Today, more and more school districts are beginning to understand how important coding is, kids are becoming interested in it an earlier age, and there are more and more coding camp options like the ones offered by CodeREV Kids. We welcome the competition because we want kids to have as much access to these technology classes as possible – and because we know we’re the right choice.

Our staff is second to none

One of the things we really pride ourselves on at CodeREV Kids is the fact that we hire only the best. Our hiring process is extremely rigorous and our training process is too. Every mentor we employ has at least two years of experience teaching kids technology, and some of our staff have more than 13 years of experience.

Each mentor must also have at least one year of experience in the real world – specifically in the tech sector. Our mentors come from many different companies, including Riot Games, Microsoft, Google, EA, Sony, Sega, and many others. We stress to our instructors that working as a mentor for us is not just a job they take on for the summer – it’s a great way for them to share what they’ve learned with kids who are eager to learn. Our mentors take this seriously and you’ll see the effect in every classroom.

We have the best curriculum

Not only do we work to find the best instructors in the business, but we have created what we believe is the hands-down best curriculum out there. It can be challenging to make classes like these both fun and education, but we’ve done just that. Our goal is to strengthen STEM skills and our curriculum has been supported by the big wigs, including specialists at MIT Media Lab and the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

While it’s true that we take our jobs seriously and we want to create the best camps out there with the best educational content, don’t worry – that doesn’t mean we forgot to bring the fun! Our camps are project based, which means that kids get hands-on experience and get to create their own projects, ranging from simple coding to robots to digital art.

Are you ready to see the difference that our passion can make? Then reach out to CodeREV Kids