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How Election Season Demonstrates the Need for Coding Education

If there is a big takeaway from election season, it’s that substance is severely lacking, even amongst those who consider themselves informed. This is especially problematic because if adults can’t be counted to dig beneath the surface and truly explore the mechanics of their political system and justify their choices with more than catch phrases and canned arguments about likeability that don’t address policy, how can we expect the youth who take after them to do the same with their studies.

What does this have to do with coding? Everything actually. Coding requires substantive and creative thinking. It requires understanding how things work and being able to think deeply on your feet.

In addition to this, coding also offers plenty of opportunity for people to build lucrative careers as the nation and the world moves to a more digitized age. If adults aren’t doing their jobs, then it is clear that the only hope is the children and those that can educate them to appreciate what things like coding have to offer.

If you don’t want to take this author’s word for it, listen to a successful CEO. Yahoo News provides this insight in a recent article titled “This CEO says every kid needs to study coding.” Rick Newman of Yahoo News writes, “Accenture, the large consulting firm, has partnered with Code.org, the nonprofit that promotes better computer science education, especially among women and minorities. But that leaves many individuals out of the technology loop. When asked if every student today ought to study coding, Sweet says, ‘Absolutely. Not because they all need to be computer scientists, but because coding is a basic skill required to be digitally fluent.’ There’s a big gap, however, between the skills companies want and the skills schools teach. Sweet cites research showing 92% of jobs today require some degree of digital fluency. Yet coding is not taught at all in many high schools, and those that do teach it often offer just one course. Virtually all of the young workers Accenture hires are digitally aware, Sweet says, ‘but not all are digitally savvy.’”

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