Learning In California

San FransciscoOf all the states in the USA, California is a great place to raise a child. There are many reasons that California is so good for growing kids, and I will try to hit the high points in this short article. One of the most important parts of being a parent is trying to foster the development and learning of your child without smothering or being overprotective. We all want to help a child do what they want, and one of the most critical ways that we do that is by finding great activities which stimulate our kids’ minds. California is wonderful in that this journey of learning can reliably start in the public school system. The schools will be able to expose your child to a variety of ideas and subjects, but there are some things which may not be covered in class. Never fear, there are great afterschool programs and camps in California to further your child’s learning and career in areas that school might miss. CodeRev Kids is one of my favorite examples of these programs. They do a great job of making learning about computers and coding fun for kids in both after school and camp programs. If someone had put Minecraft in front of me when I was young, I might have learned to code too!

The outdoors are a great place too. No matter where you live there are a number of great outdoor activities for you child from the mountains to the oceans. If you child shows a significant amount of athletic talent, California boasts an amazing density of national and state parks and locations, as well as world class museums. The Exploratorium is one of my favorites in San Francisco. There are even great trade and craft programs all over the state. Take advantage of the great the state school and community college systems in California as they often offer great programs for your younger kids which might spark interest in them early in life.

Hot Activities for Your Kids This Summer

Youth CampIs your child bored of doing the same thing every summer? It happens. Sometimes the old Boy Scout or Church camp, no offense to those fine institutions, just stops being fun for your kid. What are you supposed to do when the old summer activities don’t work anymore? We have put together a few options for you below. Hopefully these options are varied enough that you will find something for whatever kind of child you have.

Coding camps are a great option for your kids that can’t pull their heads out of the tablets. CodeRev Kids is one of the foremost summer camps in this area. For younger kids, you can get them started in fun activities like Minecraft level building, which help to teach the basics of programming and using the computer. They can move on, or older children can participate in a variety of programs which appeal to plenty of tastes from robotics, to web design, to more complicated coding. Coding camps are an amazing way for your kids to learn great skills which can help them immeasurably later in life.

There are a number of great outdoor camps your children can attend over the summer. We won’t talk about the basics like football, baseball, or any of the other sports you might be familiar with. Instead we’ll mention some outdoor activities which you may not have thought of. Circus camp is a great option for children with a bunch of energy, and it teaches skills which instill poise, grace, and a good party tricks too boot! Rock climbing and ultimate frisbee are two more great options for outdoor sporting camps, depending on whether you child prefers individual or team sports.

Space camp is the old standby and a personal favorite of this reviewer. What better way to teach physics and encourage a love of science than with rockets! These days, space camps will also teach your kids about biology, nutrition, health, and chemistry, so there are many topics to pique your child’s interests.

The Next Generation of Learning

Kids Learning CodeThese days, you might be trying to find more avenues for your child to learn and grow (and develop that college application). You might need to look outside your kid’s school to find programs which can foster their particular interest.

Coding camps and after school programs are a great way to move your child from Angry Birds to productive play with the computer. CodeRev Kids is a great organization which offers a variety of programs aimed at teaching your children computer programming skills. Your child can learn game design or website design with the help of hands-on instruction. If your child is interested in robotics, there is a wonderful intensive program which incorporates Legos and technology used in the industry today to teach the construction and programming of an automated arm or other projects.

If your child would like to move forward in various subjects related to her academic studies, Saturday school programs can be a great source of further learning. Often your kid can learn about advanced topics that he would never get a chance to investigate in depth, like microbiology or inorganic chemistry, before he would in high school or even college.

Like Saturday school programs, many community colleges offer vocational and skills training classes on the weekends which are designed for grade school children. These programs vary from place to place, but sometimes, your child can learn to work on a car before they have a driver’s license!

Art classes are also often available through your local community college, but there are many other programs which seek to encourage the arts of all types in youth. Sometimes, school art programs are basic and there is little in the way of variety of materials or mediums. Outside programs can help your child gain access to things like jewelry making, pottery, or advance music studies. Art is an underrated aspect of your child’s academic growth, and a creative understanding is known to be beneficial to the development of what other people consider “left-brained” thinking skills.

Skills To Get Your Kids Into College

Kid Learning Cello

Here are some things your kids can do after school that will help them get into college. Remember to always search for activities that your child enjoys.

  1. Sports – Participating in team or individual sports can be an essential component of your child’s development. Team sports teach cooperation and individual sports teach perseverance and body confidence. Most sports or athletic activities will contribute to the physical well-being of your child, but make sure not to over-train or allow your child to become involved in activities which may be damaging. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t let your child play hockey or football if she wants to, but be aware of the possible health consequences in any sport.
  2. Code academies – After school coding schools are growing in popularity, as they are great ways to develop your child’s brain without them knowing. CodeRev Kids is a California-based company that is a great example of businesses like which are popping up all over the country. Your kid won’t realize she is learning complicated analytical skills which will greatly help them later in life as she works on programing a Lego robot arm to pick up a ball, or the next level of a computer game. Even better, your child can use her programming skills later in life to find a career, not only in tech, but in other fields as well.
  3. Music – Music is great. We all know this. Sign your kid up for some classes and see what sticks. Try to find an instrument that your child likes enough stick to. This will usually be a guitar, but every child is different!
  4. Community service – Through a church, Scouts, or other organization, community service projects are a great way to endear good values in your child, while also making sure that she learns life skills imperative to her future.
  5. Art classes – Learning other artistic crafts, from sculpture, to jewelry making, to metalworking, to painting and drawing, can be instrumental in your child’s brain development. These activities will enhance your child’s problem solving skills, as well as abstract reasoning and three dimensional understanding.

What do I do with my kids this summer?

ChildSports Camp – Sports camps are a great way to develop your child’s skill in their preferred sport, or to teach your child a new sport that they wish to learn. Some of these camps are highly focused and others cover multiple sports. Choose based on your child’s wishes.

Music Camp – From School of Rock to your local school band, practice makes perfect! Rock’n’Roll Camp for Girls in Portland, OR is a great example of camps throughout the country.

Code Camp – These camps are great ways to expose your child to possible skills and career paths that are not often covered in schools, even these days. Your kid doesn’t have to be a computer nerd to attend these camps and they can be really helpful in exposing your child to possible STEM related careers in the long run. CodeRev Kids is a great example of a summer program which appeals to children through a variety of programs from computer game and web design to robotics. Your child can dip her toe in the water of programming easily by learning to make a level in Minecraft, or how to program a robotic arm made of Legos. As their interests grow, your children can explore different aspects of coding and expand their skills.

Academic Camp – Ask officials at your child’s school what local camps would be best for your child’s academic growth. There are a wide variety of camps available in most locations, and there are larger camps available at major universities throughout the country.

Outdoor Camp – Outdoor summer camps come in all shapes and sizes. All children should learn to appreciate nature, and picking up some extra skills can be a bonus. Hiking, animal care, fire building and camping, crafts, horseback riding, and barn dances are all wonderful experiences for your children.

Space Camp – Everyone loves Space Camp! It is a great way to sneakily introduce a love of science into your child’s life. You can’t defy physics unless you know what the laws are!

Coding Is A Great Way to Develop Your Kid’s Brain


Learning to code is great for the development of your child. A game as simple as Minecraft can teach kids real world skills. Coding will develop your child’s eye for the world around them, as well as the world within computers, and make them more able to analyze and understand new problems and ideas.

Don’t think of learning to code as a new skill, independent of anything your child might learn elsewhere. Learning to code can also develop artistic, scientific, and mathematical sensibilities. This can be best accomplished through hands-on focused learning with coding academies like CodeRev. There, your child can learn to design and create animation, website building, or even make their own computer games. Does your kid want to build things? The robotics-based programs will help them get on the cutting edge of integrated engineering and coding. There, they can learn on Arduinos and the programming language Rasberry Pi, two products which are used by professionals in many different disciplines today.

These days, paying for college is expensive. You might have a plan to  save, but costs are continuing to grow. Coding is a great way to place your child at the head of the pack. Coding can earn your child scholarships down the road which can be invaluable for their financial future and stability. The lessons learned in coding be applied to anything these days to improve job prospects, and many employers now ask for coding experience in positions which did not require it as little as five years ago. Even if knowledge of coding is not required, its presence on a resume can work wonders in displaying an applicant’s intelligence and capability.

Really though, most of those reasons should take a backseat to one simple fact: kids have a lot of fun at places like CodeRev. That is probably the most important part. Coding can help kids learn to be productive members of our world when they do, unfortunately, have to grow up, and they can do so while having fun.

Why Coding is a Skill Every Kid Should Learn Before College

Coding For College

Coding is an invaluable skill in the modern world. I believe that all children should be taught how to code, as early as is possible. It should be a language class after Spanish, but, that doesn’t really happen yet. Coding provides a foundation for a developing brain which leads to smarter and more successful adults. CodeRev Kids is one of the best ways to get a child started in coding. There are many ways to get your child involved, depending on your family schedule and your child’s particular interests. Programs are held as Spring and Summer Camps, as well as after school. Kids can choose among a number of topics, as young as age 6, and build on their skills along with their interests. Topics range from simple Minecraft modification fun to hardcore Python programming. Your child can delve into animation, game design, robotics, or another specific area in depth if they wish through a plethora of.

In this day and age, there are not many growing industries. The baby boomer generation is still taking up a large number of jobs, at it looks like they may not be able to retire as early as they would like. Some jobs are being outsourced and some have been made irrelevant. For these reasons, there aren’t many growing industries in the United States. Coding is a skill that can provide a child with a marketable trait as he or she moves out into the world. Coding can give your child the freedom of choice to live where they want, as you can always work from home! College is expensive, and it isn’t for everyone, so wouldn’t it be great if that wasn’t the only way to get your kid ahead in the world? If your child is college-bound, and doesn’t want to code, the skills learned through different coding camps can be applied to many other passions, and improve their eventual chances in the job market.

So please, make sure your kid learns how to code.

Teaching Kids to Code is Critical to their Success.

We all know that there are some serious problems facing our children as they grow up. Public schools are a mess. Standardized testing causes more problems than they solve for young people. It takes a ridiculous amount of money to even raise a child until college. College itself can cost just as much in only four years. After all this, young people are increasingly underemployed. Why is this?  It might have something to do with the way industry has transformed in the United States. After World War II, the United States enjoyed an economic boom in the industrial and manufacturing sectors as the country returned to work, and factories were returned to peacetime operation, with wartime equipment. Additionally, the economy was stimulated by the ongoing battle with communism as the military industrial complex continued to grow. However, with the advent of the personal computer, and the fall of the Berlin Wall, many jobs have been outsourced to various countries where labor is cheaper. As these jobs leave, others follow and American companies have downsized. This means that each entry level position that is actually available is more competitive than ever.

So what does America do now? Well, we’re pretty good at making software. Factories may currently be better suited for other countries, but America is still leading the world in producing influential (and necessary) intellectual property. Most of this intellectual property is, you guessed it, software and algorithms for computing. Where would the entire would be without social media or search engines with super-fast responses?

What does this mean for our kids? Simple: make sure they learn how to code. If their schools fail them, or money fails you, coding is a skill that will be in demand for much of the foreseeable future. With this one ability, your child will be able to find their own way in an increasingly uncertain world. Even if your child want to do something else, coding will only help them accomplish what they want to, from art to science to politics. If you already code, it should be easy to teach. If you don’t code, make sure to send your child to a coding academy of some kind, where proven professionals can guide him or her. Make sure to start early, because kids are like sponges for all languages, virtual or not.

Banking and financial services are a lost cause, teach your kid to code.

Why coding is the future of American economy

Industry in the United States has stalled considerably recently. While unemployment is not very high, underemployment is. While the country is currently clawing its way out of a large recession, many young people can still only find jobs which don’t fully utilize the skills they developed in college.  Sometimes, those that didn’t go to college find themselves in a better financial situation later in life without the
burden of student loans.  Obviously, this only happens if a high school graduate finds a profitable skill-based trade which suits her as a career. However, these jobs can be difficult to find as a large portion of traditional American industry has been outsourced in the last few decades. Everyone has it rough. The number of people competing for each job continues to increase, and we’re less and less likely to get promoted at the jobs we work in.

So what is America good at? It turns out, we’re pretty good at moving money around, maintaining a large military, and, we’re really good at making computers work. Like other manufacturing, much of the
building of smartphones, computers, tablets, and their requisite component parts is done in other countries. So what do we do? We write the code. Despite falling math and science scores nationwide,
the United States is still the center of influential and groundbreaking Codingsoftware, video games, websites, and algorithms. That’s odd, because we don’t teach kids much about computers in public schools. Often, only those with an odd predilection for computers ever delve into coding. Those that do, and learn to master a coding language or two, find that they have a marketable skill, independent of how well they happened to do in school. So, teach your kids to code, whether or not you can. It will be the best gift you ever give them. A vast majority of the world economy in the quickly approaching future, and from then on, will be driven by computer code. Teach yourself if you don’t know already. There are free websites, and paid tutors you can take advantage of as an adult. Even if it isn’t directly relevant to your current career, I guarantee it will help your resume in the future.

Attacking the Gender Wage Gap with Coding Classes

file000550759573It’s well known that women statistically earn 78 percent of what their male counterparts earn throughout the workforce. Part of what contributes to this gap is the lack of women in certain industries that offer especially high earning jobs. Many organizations and institutions are making an effort to provide coding education to young women and girls in hopes of eradicating this disparity in the coming generation. One example of this is a coding class at Akron High School, according to Leigh Giangreco of the Buffalo News.

Giangreco writes, “Between 2013 and 2014, female participation in AP computer science tests increased by more than one-third, according to Education Week. But girls still make up only a small number of those test-takers, with 20 percent participation nationwide and just 18.4 percent in New York State. ‘There is nothing to stop a girl from signing up for a coding class,” Meek said. “The barriers are social.’ When Meek took his first high school computer science course in the 1980s, he said the field was just beginning to gain its geeky reputation. But with tech wizards such as Mark Zuckerberg emerging as billionaire moguls, the pendulum may be swinging the other way. In 2013, when Meek advertised an after-school coding program, more than 100 students signed up. At the end of the program, 97 percent of those surveyed agreed they needed the coding experience.”

When it comes to how the class functions, Giangreco writes, “The class uses tutorials from Hour of Code, a free online introduction to computer science, and Snap, a Berkeley-designed drag and drop program. Unlike language-centric programs such as Javascript or Python, which write the applications, Snap uses a simple building block method for coding. Meek admits the program is aimed at a middle school level, but said it provides a step toward more advanced coding. He also feels coding languages such as HTML will fade away to make room for a building block system.”

At CodeRev Kids, we also understand the importance of providing opportunities for young girls and others who are underrepresented in the tech fields to learn and master coding. To that end, we are beginning our coding program this April with the LAtinas, a group of high achieving female Latina high school students from underserved communities.  The group is a branch of Google’s partner, the Hispanic Heritage Foundation. We will be building a prototype website together as the LAtinas learn to code, so not only will they be learning how to write code, but also how they can use it to attempt to solve a problem and even create a prototype which we will be partnering with Nation Builder for to attempt to turn the site into a real business that solves a societal problem.

Additionally, CodeREV is partnering with Microsoft to teach coding to 50 high school girls at Microsoft’s DigiGirlz event this May 16th.  We are so excited for this exciting L.A. based Microsoft event!

Finally, we are implementing our “Ladies Night” coding jam sessions this month as well, and will be hosting female students who want to check out coding and see if they like it.  We have a feeling many will.

We provide a host of programs that let students study everything from robotics to web development to app making.

Unlike other coding tutors, we customize our lessons to individual students’ expertise. We focus on Computational Thinking, which encompasses a wide range of programming concepts and languages.

In addition to our afterschool programs, we also offer spring and summer programs. Whatever youth coding education needs you might have, look no further than CodeRev Kids!