Winter Camps Success so far! Continue this week and next

Winter Camp Pic

Thank you to all our wonderful campers who made last week’s winter camp so amazing.  Students built and customized their own websites using HTML 5 and CSS 3.  They created their own blocks, items, worlds, teleporting, lightning-shooting swords, created and customized their own armor, and even made their own biomes.  Talk about heaven for any student who loves Minecraft and creativity.  Of course, they had to code in Java to accomplish these awesome feats.  Who knew that 3rd-5th graders could write code in Java!!!  Well, we’ve proved that they can.

Students modeled and animated their own 3D projects using Maya 3D, created unique games and projects in Scratch, and learned to code in Javascript and Python!!!

We’ve attached a pic from our winter camp above so you can check it out!