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Making Up for Lost Time with Coding

Later in life, many people realize they missed out on an opportunity by not learning coding early on. Consider a recent article for Quartz titled “Coding bootcamp grads boost their salaries by 40% on average.”

According to the author of the article, “A comprehensive study examining the outcomes of coding-school alumni found they, on average, boosted their salaries by 38%, or $18,000, after completing their programs. In a report released today (Oct. 26), the Course Report, which tracks the learn-to-code industry, found participants on average paid $11,852 for tuition, with programs typically lasting three to four months. A third of them said their schools guaranteed jobs to students after completing their programs. But 21% of the 665 students who graduated between 2013 and 2015 reported being unemployed. When the employment rates are broken out by graduation date though, 89% of students who were 120 days out of school found full-time jobs, Course Report cofounder Liz Eggleston tells Quartz. While the makeup of students who attend coding schools still largely skews white and male, there are encouraging signs these so-called bootcamps are helping diversify the industry by encouraging people in their early- to mid-careers (on average, participants were 31 years old) to become programmers. The survey found 36% of bootcamp grads were women, compared with the 14% of women who were awarded bachelor’s degrees in computer science in 2013-14. They also saw a bigger increase in salary following the completion of their programs, a lift of $25,283 compared with men’s $14,839, and reported higher salaries overall.”

Readwrite also takes a look at this in a recent article titled “How Much English Majors Earn After Coding Bootcamps.” Gregory Ferenstein of Readwrite writes, “Silicon Valley is racing ahead with its own alternative to college and new research from bootcamp review site Course Report suggests that graduates are out-earning some of their diploma-wielding peers. Nicknamed ‘coding bootcamps,’ these offerings have become a cottage industry of fast-track private vocational schools for graduates looking to enter the competitive tech industry as software engineers, data scientists, and other in-demand jobs. Many graduates hold college majors notorious for slim earnings potential (like English Majors,) and are now fully-employed in the tech industry making a lot more money.”

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