Does Memorization Help Kids in the Long Run?

At CodeREV Kids, we believe that the best way for kids to really learn STEM skills is to get involved. We offer a wide range of hands-on coding classes that can help your kid to learn to code from a young age. That said, there are some fields where memorization still has a place.

Memorization can help improve a child’s language skills

When you think about memorization, do you think about kids simply memorizing important facts and then forgetting them as soon as they’re done remembering those facts for a test? That may not be useful memorization, but remember that there are other types. For example, you likely know the lyrics to more than one song by heart. That’s memorization!

Whether kids memorize poems, lyrics, passages from books, or something else entirely, they’ll become more familiar with the rhythm, vocabulary, and cadences in the English language. This is why kids are so fascinated by Dr. Seuss’s books – they are written with lovely tempos and upbeat sounds.

Do your kids need to build organization skills? Memorization may help

When a child memorizes something, they are doing several things they’re not even aware of – including breaking down a big task into smaller tasks that are much easier to complete. For example, consider when you memorize a song without meaning to. You don’t memorize it in its entirety the first time you hear it.

What’s more likely is that you hear it a few times, memorize the chorus, and as you hear it more and more, you start to fill in the rest of the song. This is all done without you even knowing it! Your brain is organizing the song into parts and automatically knows that the best bet is to memorize the part that’s heard over and over again – the chorus.

Memorization works with other skills

If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the years at CodeREV Kids, it’s that when kids learn one skill, it helps them with others. As they learn how to memorize, they’re also learning visualization skills, they’re learning how to rhyme, they’re building association skills, they’re learning about repetition, and they’re using reviewing skills.

Each of these skills will help them in the future as they learn other subjects, whether language or math related. Kids don’t have to start off memorizing an entire book. Just start with a fun quote and move on from there.