Could Your School Benefit From STEAM School Services?

At CodeREV Kids, we’ve seen kids from all backgrounds, of all ages, and all levels of experience benefit from our unique STEAM curriculum. We are proud of the after-school classes we offer, the summer coding camps, and the other ways we interact with our students, but that’s not all – we’re also bringing our program to schools around the country.

Which STEAM school service will work best for your school?

There are a few different ways you can take advantage of our program: You can let us come to your and teach onsite at your school or you can use our program yourselves at our school – with our support. If either of these options are interesting to you, then we recommend you reach out to us right away to find out how our customized curriculum could work for your school. Otherwise, keep reading to get more details.

We can teach our curriculum at your school

The first option is to have our tech teachers come onsite at your school and teach our programs directly to your kids. Generally, this is done on a weekly basis though we can customize a program based on your unique needs. One of our experienced instructors can teach the program to your students or they can work alongside the instructor of your computer lab.

We can offer the support you need to teach our curriculum

It’s often the case that schools simply want to license our curriculum and get the training they need to teach our program to their kids during the school day. Remember that our program is truly ground breaking, and when your own teachers are trained on how to follow it, you can teach it for years to come.

Depending on your preferences and needs, there are a few ways we can accomplish this goal. We can work with your school on a subscription basis wherein we license our program and curriculum, or we can offer professional development training so that your instructors get the details on how to handle a wide range of our programs.

No matter which option you choose, you can count on many different options that can be seamlessly integrated into your current classes. One of our many goals it to ensure that the CodeREV Kids program is as customizable and scalable as possible. Reach out to us
today for your own consultation and find out how our programs could work with your school.