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A Parent’s Guide to Minecraft Modding

If you’re one of the many parents who’s heard about Minecraft modding from your kids but aren’t exactly sure what it is, then CodeREV Kids is here to help. Believe it or not, your kids are learning a lot from this process but there are ways you can ensure they get the most from this learning experience.

What exactly is Minecraft?

Often compared to Legos, Minecraft is a game that takes place online and allows players to build and then explore worlds they create out of 3D blocks. Anything your kids imagine can be built. One of the reasons this game is so popular is because it’s completely open-ended, which allows them to use their imaginations to make it whatever they want it to be. It’s also a great way for them to learn about the power of perseverance and troubleshooting.

The basics of Minecraft modding

Modding can involve everything from minor changes like making rainbow-colored chickens, to significant changes that impact the entire game. Modding is a way for your kids to build structures with code instead of having to use one block at a time. In fact, they can make their own game within the game if they’re able to program new sets of rules and situations.

There can be issues with Minecraft modding

At CodeREV Kids we’re big fans of Minecraft modding but it can be very challenging for non-programmers – which is why there are many ways for kids to “learn” modding. The problem with these programs are aplenty:

  • They don’t really teach kids to code
  • Kids simply use pre-made mods they download online and copy and paste the files
  • There’s no natural progression that allows kids to evolve as modders
  • Parents are forced to pay for servers and set up files
  • These servers could be insecure or unsafe.

Work with CodeREV Kids for a totally different experience

When you send your kids to coding classes with CodeREV kids, we don’t just give them codes to copy and paste, we teach them to code and create their own Minecraft mods. We do this in ways that are fun and creative and show them how coding can be a tool that will bring their imagination to life. We cover everything they need, from tools to servers, and your kids can learn at their own pace. To learn more about our many options, contact us today!