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Is Minecraft really educational?

Since its release in 2011, Minecraft has become one of the most popular games ever made. It has a community of over 91 million players, and most of them are children and teenagers. But the real question is, how has a game like this became so good for education?

First of all, we need to really understand what Minecraft is. As we mentioned before, a decade after its release it’s one of the most popular games among children. What makes this game stand out from other online video games is the freedom it gives to its users.

What makes Minecraft different?

While the majority of video games give an objective or a plot to their players, Minecraft instead gives no instructions at all. The game allows you to figure out what you want to do in its world, giving complete creative freedom in what is called a sandbox format (think kids in a sandbox making their own creations in an open-ended way).

The world of Minecraft is completely made from 3D blocks; these blocks can be broken and picked up to build incredible structures. That’s why it is so often referred to as digital LEGOS as children can create anything they can imagine with these blocks. 

But that’s not all – players can edit source code that makes up Minecraft with mods (modifications) to change the game behavior or use its built in command line to write functions with coordinates, parameters, variables, conditional statements, and more to make special things happen in the game. Furthermore, players can modify the program using Java code and that’s when they start really diving deeper into code while playing their favorite game.

Finally, the game has a redstone system built into it that follows the same logic and rules as real engineering circuitry. So tapping into building mechanics and electronics inside of the game by learning to use its redstone system teaches kids the basics of engineering and circuits. Kids can use this to create anything from real computers inside the game to roller coasters, trap doors, firework displays, and even Rude Goldberg machines.

Is Minecraft really educational?

Now that we have a better understanding of how Minecraft works, let’s check some of the benefits of Minecraft!

Top reasons why Minecraft is good for education

Many of the reasons why kids love Minecraft are also the reasons why it is considered beneficial for their development. Minecraft engages their minds and lets them explore their creativity, problem solving skills, teamwork and even programming.

Minecraft encourages creativity

Probably one of the strongest benefits that Minecraft offers is its endless creative opportunities. With an average of 921.6 quadrillion blocks per world, children can really create anything that comes to their minds. Encouraging creativity at young ages plays an essential role in child development. Creativity allows children to find innovative solutions, new ways of doing things and create opportunities.

If your child wants to create an amusement park with giant dragons, then they can do it! The only restriction is that they have to find a way to do it with the famous building blocks (and perhaps some engineering and code). It’s all possible in Minecraft as this popular article in Edutopia explains.  

Minecraft reinforces problem solving skills

What makes Minecraft great to reinforce problem solving skills is that it offers an incredible amount of freedom to make decisions. This open ended problem-solving can help sharpen how well a child can face obstacles. Whether those problems are hypothetical or real life situations. Minecraft can encourage and expand this type of thinking. As the game allows players to set their own rules, players have freedom to find creative ways to solve problems that can appear while they’re creating projects in the game. 

So children can find themselves in situations where they must build a shelter, find food or escape from some fun monster by creating the solution on their own. This encourages children to think outside of the box to figure out how to solve complex situations. This can help children get used to quickly and efficiently solve real-world problems and use critical thinking while doing so. Even schools have noticed the potential in Minecraft including it into their classrooms as you can read here.

Minecraft introduces programming skills

Minecraft is an excellent tool to introduce children to programming, as it opens the door to fundamentals of coding. Because of the possibilities it gives to customize its code in Java, Minecraft contributes to developing this key learning skill.

It is important to highlight that Minecraft won’t exactly teach a programming language, but it introduces basic coding functions. Children can learn functions like IF, THEN, ELSE, and END which can be used to build all kinds of actions and mechanisms. Kids can deepen their programming skills by taking classes with experts and learn to customize the code to create effects. Some more eager and self motivated kids can even learn a lot of this on their own.

In fact, Minecraft has been the initial step for many video game designers and programmers. Kids can progress from coding their first automations in the game to developing complex game actions.


Now we hope you have a better idea about how Minecraft can be a really useful educational tool for children. Learning with it can prepare kids for the future by building core skills like critical thinking, problem solving and creativity. It can also even be an amazing tool to learn other skills such as math (think 3 dimensional geometry!)

To take learning in Minecraft to the next level, you can explore some of CodeREV Kids’ classes. Your child can start turning their passion into real promise!

10 Things for Parents to Love About Minecraft

If you’re a parent of a child who loves to play Minecraft, then here’s some good news for you: It may actually be a great thing that they love the game! At CodeREV Kids, we’re always looking for ways to get kids excited about technology and Minecraft is a great way to do that. In fact, here are then things to love about your kid playing Minecraft.

  • It’s a great way for them to learn. Sure, it’s marketed as a game, but Minecraft has huge potential for education. In fact, it’s used in classrooms across the world to teach language, math, history, and concepts like logic and problem solving.
  • It makes kids think. It’s not just any other video game, where your kid just stares at a screen and pushes buttons once in a while. Think of it instead like an immersive, interactive playground that constantly challenges kids and requires them to come up with solutions for complex problems.
  • It’s safe. There’s nothing adult about this game. No drugs, bad language, guns, blood, etc.
  • It not only inspires creativity; it rewards it. Kids have to be curious to make it in Minecraft, and when their creativity shines, they get instant rewards from the game.
  • It requires deep focus. Kids must keep track of numerous tasks at once when they play Minecraft. It’s easy to see how that’s a skill that could be useful in the real world.
  • It increases computer literacy. Not only can kids play Minecraft, but they can actually modify the game. In fact, that’s where CodeREV Kids can come in. We offer some really unique and interesting Minecraft classes that teach your kids more than they bargained for.
  • It’s customizable. It’s such a flexible game that Minecraft can be tailored to your child’s ability, interests, etc. For example, you can turn off the monsters, you can set goals for your kids, or you could make the challenges easier or more difficult.
  • It’s an inclusive game. No matter what a kid’s interest is, they’re likely to have it met with Minecraft, whether they like building stuff, designing things, or they just want to fight monsters.
  • It encourages teamwork. If you want your kids to be good at collaboration, Minecraft is a great way to get them there.
  • It’s not an expensive game. You do have to pay for the initial game, but after that all the updates are free. This is great news in a world where it seems every video game requires expensive upgrades and mods.

Do you have questions about this game or other options to get your kids excited about STEM fields? Reach out to CodeREV Kids and let us help today!

Are Your Kids Ready to Code? Upcoming Options to Get Them Inspired

At CodeREV Kids we’re always looking for new, exciting, dynamic ways to get kids excited about learning technology. It’s not hard, given the fact that kids are surrounded by technology in their daily lives, and are naturally curious, but it’s our goal to always offer up-to-date and useful classes they can take with them for years to come. Here are some of our upcoming classes that may be of interest to your kids.

Modding for Minecraft: Kids Ages 8-10

This Monday night class takes advantage of a unique system we use that doesn’t require much typing at all. The classes involve creating mods in Minecraft that will impress even the tech savviest of kids. It’s a great way for your kids to learn the basics of coding, the logic required to write programs, and problem-solving skills. It’s an incredible opportunity to take part in an engaging and empowering class.

Mathcraft: Kids Ages 7-10

A Wednesday night class on Mathcraft is a great choice for kids ages 7 – 10. In this unique class, parents watch their children actually be thrilled to learn math! It’s a must-do for any parent that wants their kids to not only get math at a deeper level, but to enjoy it. The class involves kids building math problems within Minecraft and then solve them with our unique Mathcraft program. They’ll also be using our own economy system, which gives them a chance to solve realistic economy based problems.

Unreal Game Dev: Kids 11+

This is a class designed for older kids and it happens on Saturdays. Kids will start by learning the game engine called Unreal. They’ll then use a professional game making tool that was used to make the level of games you can buy on the shelves today. They’ll get to have fun playing with virtual reality in the new Vive, and they’ll be taking part of a truly innovative experience. For kids with an interest in VR, there may be no better choice.

Flex classes may be a better option for your child

At CodeREV Kids, we also offer flex schedule classes, which allow you to switch up your times to ensure you find a balance that works for you. These classes begin with a 1.5-hour assessment to see where your child is today and where they’d like to go. The learning is then paced for their specific needs.

A Parent’s Guide to Minecraft Modding

If you’re one of the many parents who’s heard about Minecraft modding from your kids but aren’t exactly sure what it is, then CodeREV Kids is here to help. Believe it or not, your kids are learning a lot from this process but there are ways you can ensure they get the most from this learning experience.

What exactly is Minecraft?

Often compared to Legos, Minecraft is a game that takes place online and allows players to build and then explore worlds they create out of 3D blocks. Anything your kids imagine can be built. One of the reasons this game is so popular is because it’s completely open-ended, which allows them to use their imaginations to make it whatever they want it to be. It’s also a great way for them to learn about the power of perseverance and troubleshooting.

The basics of Minecraft modding

Modding can involve everything from minor changes like making rainbow-colored chickens, to significant changes that impact the entire game. Modding is a way for your kids to build structures with code instead of having to use one block at a time. In fact, they can make their own game within the game if they’re able to program new sets of rules and situations.

There can be issues with Minecraft modding

At CodeREV Kids we’re big fans of Minecraft modding but it can be very challenging for non-programmers – which is why there are many ways for kids to “learn” modding. The problem with these programs are aplenty:

  • They don’t really teach kids to code
  • Kids simply use pre-made mods they download online and copy and paste the files
  • There’s no natural progression that allows kids to evolve as modders
  • Parents are forced to pay for servers and set up files
  • These servers could be insecure or unsafe.

Work with CodeREV Kids for a totally different experience

When you send your kids to coding classes with CodeREV kids, we don’t just give them codes to copy and paste, we teach them to code and create their own Minecraft mods. We do this in ways that are fun and creative and show them how coding can be a tool that will bring their imagination to life. We cover everything they need, from tools to servers, and your kids can learn at their own pace. To learn more about our many options, contact us today!

Why Should You Choose CodeREV’s Vanilla Minecraft Server

Your kids love Minecraft and you love to know they’re safe and protected. CodeREV Kids has the perfect option to combine these two needs. Our vanilla server lets your kids play Minecraft with other kids, learn more about the platform, and play in an online environment that’s completely safe and always monitored.

Your kids will have access to popular plugins

Of course, the best safety in the world won’t work well if your kids want to log on to another server because they can’t get what they want. That’s why we offer not only the most popular plugins that kids play with online, but some we made just for our server. We have a truly expansive hub world and an enormous amount of fantastic stuff for kids to enjoy. There’s always something new to be discovered.

Some of the features you can expect with our Minecraft server

When you choose the CodeREV Kids vanilla Minecraft server, your kids will have access to a ton of features including:

  • A full economy that’s totally player driven.
  • A server that’s constantly monitored to ensure kids get a positive, clean, safe experience.
  • Minigames (in the process right now).
  • Only players we’ve approved have access to our server.
  • A huge player hub.
  • Block protection.
  • Anti-triefing plugins.

You have options in Minecraft servers

We know you have many options but we know we’re better than your other choices. Why? For a number of reasons, including these three:

  1. We’re smaller than many others which gives us more control when administrating the server.
  2. We’re super active in both building and helping players.
  3. We offer custom plugins that aren’t available anywhere else.

Our staff knows Minecraft in and out, from building to designing to engineering and beyond. Whether your kid wants to create a sprawling city or functional computer, we can help. We have filled our world with landmarks for kids to discover or they can become builders and create their own landmarks. We are highly versed in what needs to be done to ensure a safe, fun, educational experience for every child.

Of course, our server is hosted on blazing fast SSDs, a huge amount of DDR4 ECC RAM, the best Intel Xenon processors available, and an entire gigabit connection to ensure an incredible experience. Are you still not sure if this is the right choice? Take a look at our available Minecraft modded servers too.

5 Reasons Minecraft is Great for Kids

Minecraft, a build-and-survive game currently owned by Microsoft, is widely popular amongst children. This may give parents pause but the truth is that this is actually a great game for kids to get involved in. Here are five reasons CodeREV Kids thinks Minecraft is great for kids.

1. It boosts their creativity

Think of Minecraft like Legos for the computer. Your child can build virtually anything they set their mind to, but the great thing about it is that they can build even if they have no experience. Just like with Legos, they may start off with simple structures and blocks, but as they gain confidence there’s no limit to what they can create.

2. The skills it teaches can be used in the real world

There are many skills kids will learn while mastering Mindcraft that can be very useful in the real world. For example, resource management is integral to creating anything in the game, cost-benefit analysis is needed constantly, patience is a must, perseverance is required, and teamwork can also be learned if your kid plays online.

3. It can be played anywhere

Most video games work on specific systems or require specific hardware to work. On the other hand, Minecraft can be played just about anywhere, including on computers, tablets, smartphones, the vast majority of video game systems, and a number of handheld gaming systems.

4. It’s a kid-friendly option

Many parents don’t feel comfortable with the violence that’s present in many video games. While there are some elements of fighting in Minecraft, the graphics are made of blocks and there is no blood. There’s also a “peaceful” mode that can be turned on. If you choose it, your kids will play without enemies and it will be all but impossible to die.

5. Everyone in the family can get involved

Not only is it a great game for kids to play but their parents, siblings, and other family members can get involved too. You can teach them how to be good sports when things don’t go as planned, you can turn the game off when it’s time, and you can help give them advice. You can even create a character of your own and jump into their game from a smartphone, tablet, or other computer.

Are you interested in getting your kid involved in Minecraft? Let CodeREV Kids help pave the way!