Why Should You Choose CodeREV’s Vanilla Minecraft Server

Your kids love Minecraft and you love to know they’re safe and protected. CodeREV Kids has the perfect option to combine these two needs. Our vanilla server lets your kids play Minecraft with other kids, learn more about the platform, and play in an online environment that’s completely safe and always monitored.

Your kids will have access to popular plugins

Of course, the best safety in the world won’t work well if your kids want to log on to another server because they can’t get what they want. That’s why we offer not only the most popular plugins that kids play with online, but some we made just for our server. We have a truly expansive hub world and an enormous amount of fantastic stuff for kids to enjoy. There’s always something new to be discovered.

Some of the features you can expect with our Minecraft server

When you choose the CodeREV Kids vanilla Minecraft server, your kids will have access to a ton of features including:

  • A full economy that’s totally player driven.
  • A server that’s constantly monitored to ensure kids get a positive, clean, safe experience.
  • Minigames (in the process right now).
  • Only players we’ve approved have access to our server.
  • A huge player hub.
  • Block protection.
  • Anti-triefing plugins.

You have options in Minecraft servers

We know you have many options but we know we’re better than your other choices. Why? For a number of reasons, including these three:

  1. We’re smaller than many others which gives us more control when administrating the server.
  2. We’re super active in both building and helping players.
  3. We offer custom plugins that aren’t available anywhere else.

Our staff knows Minecraft in and out, from building to designing to engineering and beyond. Whether your kid wants to create a sprawling city or functional computer, we can help. We have filled our world with landmarks for kids to discover or they can become builders and create their own landmarks. We are highly versed in what needs to be done to ensure a safe, fun, educational experience for every child.

Of course, our server is hosted on blazing fast SSDs, a huge amount of DDR4 ECC RAM, the best Intel Xenon processors available, and an entire gigabit connection to ensure an incredible experience. Are you still not sure if this is the right choice? Take a look at our available Minecraft modded servers too.