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5 Reasons Minecraft is Great for Kids

Minecraft, a build-and-survive game currently owned by Microsoft, is widely popular amongst children. This may give parents pause but the truth is that this is actually a great game for kids to get involved in. Here are five reasons CodeREV Kids thinks Minecraft is great for kids.

1. It boosts their creativity

Think of Minecraft like Legos for the computer. Your child can build virtually anything they set their mind to, but the great thing about it is that they can build even if they have no experience. Just like with Legos, they may start off with simple structures and blocks, but as they gain confidence there’s no limit to what they can create.

2. The skills it teaches can be used in the real world

There are many skills kids will learn while mastering Mindcraft that can be very useful in the real world. For example, resource management is integral to creating anything in the game, cost-benefit analysis is needed constantly, patience is a must, perseverance is required, and teamwork can also be learned if your kid plays online.

3. It can be played anywhere

Most video games work on specific systems or require specific hardware to work. On the other hand, Minecraft can be played just about anywhere, including on computers, tablets, smartphones, the vast majority of video game systems, and a number of handheld gaming systems.

4. It’s a kid-friendly option

Many parents don’t feel comfortable with the violence that’s present in many video games. While there are some elements of fighting in Minecraft, the graphics are made of blocks and there is no blood. There’s also a “peaceful” mode that can be turned on. If you choose it, your kids will play without enemies and it will be all but impossible to die.

5. Everyone in the family can get involved

Not only is it a great game for kids to play but their parents, siblings, and other family members can get involved too. You can teach them how to be good sports when things don’t go as planned, you can turn the game off when it’s time, and you can help give them advice. You can even create a character of your own and jump into their game from a smartphone, tablet, or other computer.

Are you interested in getting your kid involved in Minecraft? Let CodeREV Kids help pave the way!