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Turn Your Good Student into a Great Student

Has your child settled for being a good student when you know they could be a great student? If you see that your child is performing well, but know that there’s intellectual potential that’s not being used, then you may search for ways to help your student to become the great student you know they can be. The good news is that CodeREV Kids has a few ideas on how you can do that.

Be inspiring, be supportive – but set clear expectations

A good parent knows that praise is important to their child’s success, but don’t let your child assume that the praise you give them means you don’t know they could do better. For example, if your child goes from mostly Cs to mostly Bs, you want to reward their hard work – but you also want to be clear that you know they’re capable of As.

The easiest way to make this change is to tell your children that you believe in their abilities, but make your praise not about their grades but about their potential. Remember that you’re really trying to foster a love of learning. If they get too hung up on earning As then they could end up being discouraged.

Pay attention to what works for your child

Making even the smallest changes in your child’s study habits can help accommodate their personal preferences – and can make a huge difference. For example, what if you’ve always said that your child must complete their homework before playing video games? This may lead to them rushing through their homework just so they can get to their games. Another option is to let them play their video games for a set amount of time first. Letting your child begin with what they want to be doing could help them focus more when it comes time to get the work done.

Remember that your child has more going on than just school

It’s easy as a parent to focus on your child’s grades and how they’re doing in school. However, at CodeREV Kids we encourage you to think beyond school and remember that your child has other interests that should be explored. While you may think of extracurricular activities as competing with school, the truth is that they can supplement it. For example, our spring classes give kids hands-on experience with coding – which can help boost problem-solving skills, critical thinking skills, and more.


How to Take Your Good Student and Turn Them Into a Great One

Your child is a good student and that’s something to be proud of. But if you’re likely many parents of good students, you’d likely prefer that they were a great student. There are actually several steps you can take to encourage your child to excel even further. At CodeREV Kids, we’ve here to offer some simple tips.

Make sure your expectations are clear

In many cases, parents work so hard to praise their children for what they’re doing – as they should! – that their child doesn’t even realize that there are other things they could do to excel even further. Take this example: A student gets rewarded for getting a B. Are they going to push even harder to get As if they already know you’re proud of their Bs?

This certainly doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be supportive, but it does mean that you can push them by letting them know that you believe in their ability to do even better. Stick to talking about their potential – not just their grades.

Find the right motivations for your child

Just making a small change in your child’s study habits can make a big difference. Take this as an example: Let’s say that you’ve always required your kid to finish their homework as soon as they get home from school. Instead, try letting them watch a TV show first. This may encourage them to focus more on their books because they won’t be rushing through to get to that TV show. Try different things to see what works best for your child.

Don’t get stuck in a rut

Your child’s life shouldn’t be all about school and homework. Yes, you want them to excel, but you should work to allow them to have passions outside of school. Certain extracurricular activities can benefit your child overall, like sports and music, while other extracurriculars, like learning to code, can actually prepare your child for the future.

At CodeREV Kids, we do think that every child has potential and that a child’s parents and instructors should encourage each child to reach their full potential. That said, remember that the journey should be fun. Make sure that you’re not focusing so much on grades or scholastic performance that you forget to give your child time to just be a kid. Once again, CodeREV Kids has options that are both educational and a lot of fun for your kid.