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The Ultimate Guide to Summer STEM Camps for Kids: Unlocking the Future Through Education

Summer is just around the corner, and many parents are looking for fun and enriching activities for their kids. If you’re a parent looking for something that will not only keep your child engaged but also unlock his or her future potential, here are some key points you should consider before choosing a Summer STEM Camp for your child this summer.

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, and it encompasses a wide range of fields and skills that are critical to success in the 21st century. STEM education is becoming increasingly important as technology advances and the job market shifts towards more STEM-based careers. By enrolling your child in a summer STEM camp, you can give them a head start on developing the skills they will need to thrive in the future.

What are the benefits of Summer STEM Camps?

Summer STEM camps provide numerous benefits for children of all ages. Here are just a few:

Summer STEM Camps
  • Hands-on learning opportunities: STEM education is all about learning through doing. Summer STEM camps provide children with the chance to work on real-world projects, conduct experiments, and solve problems in a hands-on and interactive environment.
  • Boosting critical thinking and problem-solving skills: STEM education done correctly requires children to think critically and solve complex problems. By participating in a summer STEM camp, children can develop their analytical and problem-solving skills, which will be valuable in all aspects of their lives.
  • Teamwork and communication skills: STEM projects often require teamwork and collaboration. By working with other children in a summer STEM camp, children will learn how to communicate effectively, work as part of a team, and build leadership skills.
  • Inspires creativity and innovation: STEM education encourages children to be creative and innovative. By participating in a summer STEM camp, children will be exposed to new ideas and technologies that will inspire their curiosity and creativity.

How to Choose the Right Summer STEM Camp for Your Child?

Choosing the right summer STEM camp for your child can be a daunting task. Here are some factors to consider when making your decision:

  • Consider your child’s interests: Does your child have a particular interest in science, technology, engineering, or math? Look for a summer STEM camp that aligns with their interests and passions. Are they into tech, hands-on activities, roller coasters, legos, robots, making games, etc? Are arts and design involved in some ways?
  • Age range and skill level: Make sure the camp is appropriate for your child’s age and skill level. Some camps are geared towards younger children, while others are more advanced and/or cater to older children with a higher level of knowledge and experience.
  • Safety and supervision: Ensure that the camp has proper safety measures in place and that there are qualified instructors and counselors supervising the children. Look for camps that have good/great ratings by the public, are accredited, or have a good safety record.
  • Location and transportation: Consider the camp’s location and whether transportation is provided or if you’ll need to arrange for transportation yourself. Make sure the camp’s location is convenient for you and your child.

Summer STEM camps are a fantastic option for parents looking to provide their children with an engaging and educational summer experience. Explore hands-on learning opportunities, build critical thinking and problem-solving skills, encourage teamwork and communication, and inspire creativity and innovation. 

By choosing the right summer STEM camp for your child, you can give them a head start on developing the skills they need to succeed in the future. Go ahead and check out our multiple camp locations and see if there’s one that’s right for your child. You never know, it could be the start of an exciting journey towards a bright and rewarding future in STEM and innovation!

Summer Coding Camp: Online vs. In-Person

Summer is here, and you might be struggling to decide whether to join an Online or In-Person Summer Coding Camp. Because of COVID-19, most summer camps have updated their in-person programs or have turned them into virtual or hybrid experiences. Unsure about signing your child up for Online or In-Person Summer Coding Camp? Take a deeper look with us to make the best decision for your child. 

Summer is the perfect opportunity for kids —and parents— to change their online school routines. Traditional in-person summer camps can be an incredible experience for kids because of the hands-on and outdoor activities involved as well as the friends kids can make. On the other hand, online summer camps allow kids to interact and learn with their peers from the comfort of their home. Virtual camps also enable you to choose programs that could be based anywhere in the country or even the world.

Rest assured, there is a Summer Coding Camp experience awaiting that’s perfect for your child. So…, let’s take a look together at some of the pros and cons of Online Summer Coding Camp and In-Person Summer Coding Camp!

Online vs. In-Person Summer Coding Camps
Online vs. In-Person Summer Coding Camps

Online Summer Coding Camp Pros and Cons:

Due to the pandemic, online education became the main solution to keep delivering education during the past year. Online Summer Coding Camps have increased their popularity since they are interactive, often lower in cost, and typically allow smaller instructor-to-student ratios than school or similar programs. Apart from that, here are some of their main characteristics you can weigh to make an informed decision.

Offers Greater Flexibility

Taking an Online Camp gives you a kind of adaptability that isn’t accessible with conventional in-person strategies. Usually, the only requirement for an online coding camp is a computer with internet, audio, and video. You can join from anywhere, access recorded classes and choose a wider range of times than in an in-person camp. 

Gives Greater Variety

During the last year, the offer of online programs has increased notably. In the virtual field, you can find literally all kinds of classes from sports to arts and music to technology. A summer coding camp works very well in a virtual format, as it often has smaller instructor-to-student ratios, allowing more online one-on-one time between campers and teachers.

Is Often Less Expensive

In general terms, online education tends to be less expensive than in-person learning. In an Online Summer Coding Camp you don’t just save on transportation costs, but also save on the cost of the camp itself. Usually virtual camps are cheaper because paying for facilities costs and maintaining staff for on-site camp is more expensive than offering an online program.

Although there are many pros related to e-learning, there are some things to consider before signing up for an online camp. One of the most common cons is that kids, and especially parents, may not want more screen time right now. Also, some kids are tired of being at home and want to get away from the house. 

(Here, you can also find 7 Lasting Benefits of Virtual Summer Camp)

In-Person Summer Coding Camp Pros and Cons:

More Hands-On Experience

The experience of an In-Person Summer Camp after a year of online learning can be thrilling for your children. Being able to interact with instructors and other kids face-to-face, to touch, make and create with their own hands has been proven to have several benefits in kids’ overall experience and learning process.

Facilitates Connections

Despite the options we have to interact through online tools, they can’t always be compared with the experience of being on a campus. The buzz of camp surrounding kids, or a group game can be unique to being at an in-person camp. In an In-Person Summer Coding Camp, students can connect in real-time to strengthen their social skills such as through teamwork. While this is also possible in virtual camps, for some children, it isn’t quite the same as being there with peers. In-person training provides greater opportunities for group activities and interactive projects if your child’s learning style suits an in-person format better.

Allows For a Change In Environment

Both children and parents have had a long year of working, learning and studying from home. An In-Person Summer Camp is the perfect opportunity for kids to change their everyday online school routine. Going to a new place and enjoying outdoor activities with kids their same age can be refreshing and exciting. This isn’t just a perfect getaway for kids, but also for parents who could use a full-time summer camp in order to focus on work….and on themselves!

While In-Person learning has multiple benefits both for parents and children, it’s important to recognize your child’s learning style. Some kids find speaking out in public or meeting new people intimidating, limiting the possibility of enjoying the in-person format. There are also always greater Covid risks, though you should check the camp’s Covid precautions taken, when joining an in-person camp right now.

In conclusion, there are benefits and drawbacks to both in-person and online summer coding camps, though both are net positive. Before making your decision, it’s important to carefully evaluate the pros and cons of each camp format. But most importantly, choose the option that best fits your child’s learning style and preferences to give them an amazing summer camp experience.

Have You Thought About Your Kids Summer Schedule Yet?

It may seem as though the year has just begun, but the truth is that summer is just a few months away. Have you thought about how you’ll ensure your kid keeps up with their school work over the summer and continues to grow? If you’re like many parents, you want a way for your child to continue to learn but you also want them to enjoy their summer. Enter CodeREV Kids summer coding camps.  

There’s a camp to meet virtually need

There are a number of different summer camps available, some of which are all day and others are just half a day. Some are a week long and others are longer. The purpose of the curriculum at CodeREV Kids is certainly to teach your kids while ensuring they’re having a blast, but we also work hard to make sure that our spring and summer tech camps meet a wide variety of needs.

Check out an example daily schedule and you’ll see that there’s lots of fun to be had

The daily schedule for the particular camp your child signs up for will vary but today we wanted to share an example of a daily schedule. This will give you an idea of what you might expect.

  • 9:00: Game activities and group check-in
  • 9:15: First create period
  • 10:30: Morning snack and an activity break
  • 10:45: Second create period
  • 12:00: Lunch
  • 12:20: Outdoor recreation
  • 1:00: Third create period
  • 2:00: Meet and offer direction
  • 2:30: Snack
  • 2:45: Fourth create period
  • 3:30: Afternoon snack and break
  • 4:00: Pair up and share the work done

The specific activities that your child will take part in during the create periods will vary based on the type of camp they sign up for. Younger kids or those who don’t have a lot of tech experience may start with a camp that offers lots of direction. Older kids who are more experienced may work at their own pace on projects selected by them and supervised by our staff.

The bottom line is that it’s all up to you

Whether you choose to send your kid to us all day or just half a day, it’s up to you. What classes they sign up for and what they work on, it’s all up to you. We provide the expert guidance and award-winning curriculum but at end of the day – and the start of it – it’s really all about what will work best for your kid.


Now is the Perfect Time to Learn About Coding Summer Camps for Kids

Do you want your kids to have a truly unique experience this summer? If so, CodeREV Kids has a great idea for you: Summer coding camps for kids. You may be surprised to learn just how fun and educational these classes are – after all, as a parent, you know how hard it can be to create a curriculum that’s both! Read on to learn more and then reach out to us with any questions.

Your kids can learn STEM skills over the summer break

One of the biggest complains teachers often have is that kids forget a lot of what they learned during the school year when they’re off for summer break. That’s why it’s important to make sure that you’re intellectually challenging your kids over break too. Our weeklong tech camps are perfect for kids who want to design video games, learn about robots, create 3D models, animate – or just learn more about technology.

Our staff knows what they’re doing

When we hire staff, we go through an incredible rigorous process – and the same is true of our training process. Every Mentor we hire has at least two years of experience teaching tech to kids – and some have over a decade of experience doing so. We also require at least one year of professional experience within the tech sector.

We have Mentors who have worked at big companies like Google, EA, Sony, and many other companies. This isn’t just a summer job for them – it’s a chance for them to share what they’ve learned in a way that’s really important to them. They take this job seriously – and they take it to heart.

Your kids will bring home what they make with us

Regardless of which of the CodeREV Kids classes you sign your kids up for, you can count on them being able to bring home everything they make, so they can keep working on it, show it to you, show it off to their friends – or do whatever they’d like with it! It all comes through on a Google Drive that you’ll have access to as well. Don’t worry, we’ll provide all the instructions necessary to download what’s needed to keep working on them. In the event you have trouble, just give us a call and we’ll help you with the process.

CodeREV Kids believes in every child and believes in the role of technology in building bright futures. We’d be honored to work with your child this summer. Call us today for more information.

Cincinnati Kids Are Getting Coding Experience at Their Local Libraries

The public library in Cincinnati is giving kids some unique options this summer. It’s true that teachers across the country have long complained that kids who are out of school for the entire summer end up losing much of the knowledge they learned through the year, and it’s also true that coding teaches kids a host of skills beyond coding, so this seems like a marriage made in heaven.

WCPO Cincinnati put together an article titled Kids are creating, coding, engineering — oh, and reading — at local libraries this summer. The author begins by detailing the ways that summer learning is about more than just reading. That’s why library workers in Cincinnati are looking for unique ways to tackle the issues that revolve around poverty and the “summer slide” for kids and teens. They’ve created a series of hands-on crafts and activities to keep kids interested and learning during the summer.

The city’s theme this summer is, “Read, Make, Create,” and the library has created a MakerSpace that’s the central part of many of their programs. There are 41 locations taking part in the summer activities and three of them have areas for MakerSpace. The main branch includes incredible equipment like a 3D printer, recording booth, vinyl printer, and much more.

They also have brain camps along with black rocket technology. Together these are the two more STEM-orientated programs. They focus on engineering, math, science, and technology by utilizing the tools in the MakerSpace area.

The library’s brain camps are a week long and come in two-hour sessions. Every week, kids who attend are tasked with learning about a unique theme through games, crafts, reading, and science and art experiments. For example, recent topics have included circuitry, electricity, photography, and 2D design.

The age requirements change every week to ensure kids have a camp they can attend sometime in the summer. Most camp sessions focus on helping kids in 1st –5th grades. There are also mini camps, like the computer technology and coding design camp, which was created for teens and pre-teens, lasts four days, and involves designing short films, mobile apps, and 3D video games.

At CodeREV we think these are fantastic programs. We’re proud to offer the best tech camps in Southern California as well as programs throughout the school year. Contact us today to get more information.

Spring Camps a Success So Far!!

This Spring Tech Camp has been a huge success!  Many of our students have told us this is the best camp they have ever been to, and have even changed plans to keep coming next week.  We will be posting students’ creations shortly, so stay tuned to see some of the wonderful things our students have designed and coded!!  We are so proud of our guys!!!

We will be holding another Spring Tech Camp this coming April 6-10, so if you haven’t had a chance to try us out, this is a perfect time to come see what all the buzz is about.  As of today, we have a handful of spots left in our Creative Coding Center in Santa Monica.  Our Spring Coding Camps include many different programs to choose from, ranging from robotics to modding in Minecraft, to learning coding through 3D Video Game Design, to creating 3D animations, so come check us out for an experience that will change your child’s perspective on technology and learning forever!  Or, if you can’t make it this Spring, come join our Summer Tech Camps this summer for a chance to get in on the creative fun!

In addition to creating on the computer, we have sessions throughout the day in which students learn to plan out their projects before hopping on the computer, we have creative brainstorming sessions with peers and instructors, and we hold incredibly fun outdoor games our campers play which involve running outside and teamwork.  Students enjoy a bit of everything, and even go home with the ability to create on their own and a newfound confidence with the technology they have learned.