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Your Kids Deserve Cutting Edge Curriculum and We Provide It

When you choose CodeREV Kids for your children, we take that trust seriously. We want every student to get an exceptional education, for them to have a great experience, and for you to feel 100% confident that you’re choosing the right option for them. That’s why we put so much time and care into creating a curriculum we can be proud of.

We focus on fun and education

Who says something has to either be fun or be education? We sure don’t! We believe that STEM is important for kids and we believe we can make it fun for them to learn. Of course, we also make sure that our curriculum isn’t just good enough for us. We have actually had it supported by experts in education at both the MIT Media Lab and the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

A low student to teacher ratio is important to us

There are many things that go into creating incredible tech camps for kids, including the ability for students to get as much help as they want. We work to keep the number of students to teachers as low as possible. This gives us the chance to make every learning experience as individualized as possible and to ensure that every student gets what they need. Our ratios are between 5-8 to 1 for every class.

Your students are safe with us

There are a lot of reasons that coding is important for kids, but if you don’t feel confident in who you’re sending your kids to, then you’re not going to send them here. That’s why we are sure to hold our camps at schools. This gives you the peace of mind that they’re in a safe environment. What’s more, we do fingerprint background checks for every single member of our staff. We also ensure that we have several instructors at each of our locations that has CPR certification. Your child is important to us!

Your student will do more than just sit behind a computer

In this day and age, many parents understand that tech is more and more important every year, but they also wish their kids spent more time outside playing. At CodeREV Kids, we’ve found unique ways to accomplish both objectives. We have some great outdoor activities that will help boost their team-building skills and give them a chance to run and play and have fun. For example, during a full camp day, there are four break times each day.

Why Should You Choose CodeREV Kids Camps Over Other Coding Camps?

It wasn’t long ago that there were no coding options for kids at all, let alone camps. Today, more and more school districts are beginning to understand how important coding is, kids are becoming interested in it an earlier age, and there are more and more coding camp options like the ones offered by CodeREV Kids. We welcome the competition because we want kids to have as much access to these technology classes as possible – and because we know we’re the right choice.

Our staff is second to none

One of the things we really pride ourselves on at CodeREV Kids is the fact that we hire only the best. Our hiring process is extremely rigorous and our training process is too. Every mentor we employ has at least two years of experience teaching kids technology, and some of our staff have more than 13 years of experience.

Each mentor must also have at least one year of experience in the real world – specifically in the tech sector. Our mentors come from many different companies, including Riot Games, Microsoft, Google, EA, Sony, Sega, and many others. We stress to our instructors that working as a mentor for us is not just a job they take on for the summer – it’s a great way for them to share what they’ve learned with kids who are eager to learn. Our mentors take this seriously and you’ll see the effect in every classroom.

We have the best curriculum

Not only do we work to find the best instructors in the business, but we have created what we believe is the hands-down best curriculum out there. It can be challenging to make classes like these both fun and education, but we’ve done just that. Our goal is to strengthen STEM skills and our curriculum has been supported by the big wigs, including specialists at MIT Media Lab and the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

While it’s true that we take our jobs seriously and we want to create the best camps out there with the best educational content, don’t worry – that doesn’t mean we forgot to bring the fun! Our camps are project based, which means that kids get hands-on experience and get to create their own projects, ranging from simple coding to robots to digital art.

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What’s the CodeREV Difference?

At CodeREV Kids, we’re excited to see that coding camps and coding classes for kids are popping up all over the country. While we think that virtually any introduction to coding is a good thing, we also want to point out why we think our classes and camps are unique. Here are some of the things you can count on when you bring your kids to us. Feel free to give us a call if you have additional questions – or sign up for classes online!

Our classes are taught by real programmers who have teaching experience

Some of the classes out there are taught by either programmers who know their jobs every well but aren’t familiar with the best ways to teach, or teachers who are excellent at their jobs but don’t have an advanced understanding of the subject matter. At CodeREV Kids, we think it’s important to have both. That’s why our instructors are programmers who also have teaching experience.

Our student to teacher ratio is low

It’s no surprise that the fewer kids there are in a particular class, the more attention they can get and the more likely they will be to feel supported by the teaching staff. You’ll find many of our classes with a maximum of five students to every one teacher. We always tell you what the student to teacher ratio will be so you can choose a class that gives your child the attention they deserve.

Our curriculum is designed by the best

When you trust your kids with us for coding classes, you’re not just taking them to a camp run by tech geeks who are winging it. No, o we use a curriculum that was designed with world class education experts as well as professional developers. We’ve done our best to give you the best of both worlds.

Your child can find a class that’s suited to their level

You don’t want your child who’s never coded a thing in their life to walk into a classroom with advanced students, and you don’t want your advanced student to get bored while an instructor explains the basics. That’s why we have a wide range of classes that offer enough variety that every child can find the level they’re suited for.

If you want your child to learn how to code in an environment that’s ripe with the latest technology – including virtual reality – then it’s time you seriously considered CodeREV Kids.

Coding Curriculum that Recognizes How Critical the Skill is to the Future Workforce

It’s no secret that coding is the future when it comes to employment opportunities. Some schools throughout the country are taking this more serious than others. Consider a recent article for the Gazette titled “Coding making its way into local curriculum as critical skill for future workforce.”

The author of the article writes, “According to whitehouse.gov, it’s estimated that by 2018, 51 percent of all science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) jobs will be in a computer science-related field, which is why on Jan. 30, President Barack Obama unveiled the ‘computer science for all’ initiative, which commits $4 billion to expanding access to computer science for elementary and middle school teachers and students across the nation. ‘In this generation, just having some idea of how things work on a computer is really valuable,’ said Hannah Buettner, an AmeriCorps member who led a free four-week workshop at the Cedar Rapids Public Library in January that taught kids the basics of coding using a children’s book called ‘Hello Ruby’ — the library will offer the same program again beginning March 1. Knowing how computers work makes kids ‘literate in a world where we’re surrounded by technology,’ agreed Matt Wilkinson, whose 6-year-old son participated in the workshop. Even without a computer, Buettner taught kids as young as 5 years old how to problem solve, recognize patterns and learn from their failures using activities in the book, she said. ‘People might seem shocked that a 5-year-old can learn the fundamentals of programming, (but) I don’t think it’s really age-based,’ said David Tominsky, the lead mentor at Imagination Iowa, a prekindergarten through 12th grade STEM program that encourages creativity, fosters entrepreneurship and helps kids learn to code. ‘A lot of people think they need to be in middle school and high school to work on critical thinking skills, but any kid can do anything you put in front of them if you give them the support they need,’ Hamilton agreed.”

When it comes to customized coding education, your best bet is CodeRev Kids. At CodeRev Kids, our lessons focus on computational thinking, which encompasses a wide variety of programming languages and concepts.

Our lessons build upon one another and we adjust starting points to each student’s level of expertise. Thus, the entire curriculum is customized. We are known for saying we are the most educational tech camp out there, but we also keep the focus on having fun. As a result, students stay engaged while learning to blend creativity with technology.

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