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The Future is Digital and Other Reasons Your Kids Need to Learn to Code

If you look at the jobs that have been booming in the last decade, it’s not hard to see that there’s one sector that’s here to stay: Technology. It’s difficult to imagine a career today that doesn’t involve digital technology in some way, from cell phones to email to in-depth html. At CodeREV Kids, we think it’s important for kids to get involved in the digital world as early as possible.

Why wait until college for your child to learn to code?

It wasn’t long ago that students could only hope to learn how to code when they got to college. Today, kids often teach themselves in high school or even as early as middle school. But why should they have to teach themselves? The good news is that now that we’re around, they don’t have to.

Learning early means a deeper understanding of a wide range of topics

If students learn how to code at an early age, they’ll also get the benefits of learning to code at an early age. For example, coding helps teach children logic, advanced thinking, and problem solving. You’ve likely heard that the earlier a child learns a language, the easier it is. The same is true of coding because it is indeed a new language.

Your kids deserve the best education

When you think of the best education for your kids, what do you think of? Do you think only of getting good grades? Do you think of them embracing critical thinking skills? Do you think of them learning skills that will actually be useful after they’ve graduated from high school and college? No matter which of those definitions you’d chose – or what combination of them – there’s no question that we can offer a truly excellent education when it comes to coding.

Teach valuable skills today in an environment kids enjoy

We know that if you tried to sit your kids down and teach them how to be a CEO at seven years old, they’d soon get bored. That’s why teaching kids coding is much more appealing than helping them prepare for any other type of career: It’s fun to learn. From our Minecraft servers to our flexible, at their own pace classes, we have options that your kids can get excited about. CodeREV Kids is here to make it a reality – just reach out to us for more information.

Coding Curriculum that Recognizes How Critical the Skill is to the Future Workforce

It’s no secret that coding is the future when it comes to employment opportunities. Some schools throughout the country are taking this more serious than others. Consider a recent article for the Gazette titled “Coding making its way into local curriculum as critical skill for future workforce.”

The author of the article writes, “According to whitehouse.gov, it’s estimated that by 2018, 51 percent of all science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) jobs will be in a computer science-related field, which is why on Jan. 30, President Barack Obama unveiled the ‘computer science for all’ initiative, which commits $4 billion to expanding access to computer science for elementary and middle school teachers and students across the nation. ‘In this generation, just having some idea of how things work on a computer is really valuable,’ said Hannah Buettner, an AmeriCorps member who led a free four-week workshop at the Cedar Rapids Public Library in January that taught kids the basics of coding using a children’s book called ‘Hello Ruby’ — the library will offer the same program again beginning March 1. Knowing how computers work makes kids ‘literate in a world where we’re surrounded by technology,’ agreed Matt Wilkinson, whose 6-year-old son participated in the workshop. Even without a computer, Buettner taught kids as young as 5 years old how to problem solve, recognize patterns and learn from their failures using activities in the book, she said. ‘People might seem shocked that a 5-year-old can learn the fundamentals of programming, (but) I don’t think it’s really age-based,’ said David Tominsky, the lead mentor at Imagination Iowa, a prekindergarten through 12th grade STEM program that encourages creativity, fosters entrepreneurship and helps kids learn to code. ‘A lot of people think they need to be in middle school and high school to work on critical thinking skills, but any kid can do anything you put in front of them if you give them the support they need,’ Hamilton agreed.”

When it comes to customized coding education, your best bet is CodeRev Kids. At CodeRev Kids, our lessons focus on computational thinking, which encompasses a wide variety of programming languages and concepts.

Our lessons build upon one another and we adjust starting points to each student’s level of expertise. Thus, the entire curriculum is customized. We are known for saying we are the most educational tech camp out there, but we also keep the focus on having fun. As a result, students stay engaged while learning to blend creativity with technology.

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From Low-Wage Worker to a Six-Figure Income Coding

Transitioning to a career in coding can literally transform a person’s life. The Tampa Bay Times takes a look at this in a recent article titled “Low-wage workers turn to coding to find lucrative jobs.”

Steve Lohr of the Tampa Bay Times writes, “After Paul Minton graduated from college, he worked as a waiter but always felt he should do more. So Minton, a 26-year-old math major, took a three-month course in computer programming and data analysis. As a waiter, he made $20,000 a year. His starting salary last year as a data scientist at a Web startup in San Francisco was more than $100,000. ‘Six figures, right off the bat,’ Minton said. ‘To me, it was astonishing.’ Stories like his are increasingly familiar these days as people across a spectrum of jobs — poker players, bookkeepers, baristas — are shedding their past for a future in the booming tech industry. The money sloshing around in technology is cascading beyond investors and entrepreneurs into the broader digital workforce, especially to those who can write modern code, the language of the digital world. Internet giants like Google and Facebook have long fought over the top software engineers in the country, and that continues. But now, companies in most every industry, either by necessity or to follow the pack, are pursuing some sort of digital game plan — creating lucrative opportunities for computing-minded newcomers who, like Minton, want to reboot their lives.”

WSOC examines jobs in the coding industry in a recent article titled “9 Investigates: Companies seek computer coding knowledge.” Stephanie Maxwell of WSOC writes, “Some of the highest-paying jobs in the country are going unfilled, because not enough college graduates possess the skills to fill them. Computer programming jobs are growing two times the national average and in North Carolina there’s more than 18, 000 vacant positions. John Sutton is president of the digital unit at Red Ventures, a technology company in Indian Land, South Carolina. Sutton said despite explosive growth in the past few years, Red Ventures struggles to find employees to fill their coding jobs. ‘The coding and engineering market is probably the hardest market out there today in the USU.S. Specifically in the Southeast, we’ve found it really difficult to attract good talent,’ Sutton said.”

When it comes to providing a quality coding education, we’ve got you covered at CodeRev Kids. With our customized curriculum, your child will receive a solid foundation in coding and have plenty of fun in the process.

At CodeRev Kids, we emphasize computational thinking, which encompasses a wide range of programming concepts and languages. With us, students have the opportunity to use their newfound skills to create apps, games, robots, and much more.

Furthermore, while we are known for saying we are the most educational tech camp out there, we also keep the focus on having fun. By doing this, our students stay engaged while learning to blend creativity with technology.

When it comes to quality coding education, no one does it better than CodeRev Kids!