Live, Online classes led by Expert Instructors

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Live, Online classes led by Expert Teachers

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What is CodeREV Online Academy?

As we all do our best to adapt to the changing times at home, between homeschooling our kids to ensuring they continue to stay educated, active, and engaged, while we try our best to work from home, we are all trying to find the right life balance. Fortunately, CodeREV has been offering virtual tech classes and camps for years, and has now extended these programs to include a wide range of incredible virtual weekly coding classes and Tech Spring and Summer Camps to meet parent demand all year and summer round.

Premier Coding & STEAM Virtual Learning

CodeREV provides the ultimate Coding, STEAM, Game Design, Engineering, and Digital Design class experience for students and campers in its live, virtual format, led by expert instructors with extensive virtual teaching experience. CodeREV virtual learning is backed by:

  • Premier Curriculum created by Top Ed Tech Specialists & Engineers
  • Only the most elite instructors with at least 5 years’ teaching CodeREV tech courses and real world tech work experience
  • A diverse set of unique courses to meet different age groups and interests
  • Thousands of students educated online
  • Options for both virtual learning and hands-on project learning from home

We are truly uniquely positioned to help your family push forward right now and through camp season.

CodeREV’s Virtual Class and Camp Format

Flexibility - choose between single day camps or classes, 8-class sessions, or week-long half and full day camps

  • 90-minute class sessions with different time zones and options for scheduling flexibility
  • 2.5-hour Half-Day and 6-hour Full-Day Camp options to match your schedule
  • Mind blowing project-based curriculum designed to match varying levels and interests
  • Flexibility - choose from single day camps or classes, to 8 class sessions or week-long camps (half or full day)
  • NEW! 5 Day Class Packs - Mix and Match classes and choose the schedule and classes that work best for you!

CodeREV’s Private and Semi-Private Virtual Classes

If your child learns best with maximum personal attention, you can schedule private 1:1 lessons or semi-private lessons with 2-3 students. These options offer parents maximum scheduling flexibility and ensure your child or your child and friends can learn in an intimate setting.

  • 60-minute, 90-minute, and 120-minute sessions with maximum scheduling flexibility
  • Exciting curriculum tailored to your child's interests and skill level
  • Individualized custom learning in a project-based setting
  • Live progress reports via Zoom so you can follow child's progress
  • Your child can bring a sibling (or friend) to reduce cost per family or child (Semi-Privates)

CodeREV Accredited Teachers

CodeREV’s virtual class instructors are true experts in the areas they teach in. They have hundreds if not thousands of hours’ virtual teaching experience leading our tech courses in virtual classrooms, and have years of tech work experience and training. In many cases, they are curriculum writers themselves, and they’ve become accredited experts in CodeREV's curriculum using project based teaching to instill confidence and high tech skills in children from a wide range of ages, skill levels, and interests.

  • Our “Code Genius” instructors have work experience as software engineers at places such as Apple, Amazon, Google, Facebook and Electronic Arts.
  • Most are professional game developers (programmers), game designers, or software engineers.
  • They have graduated with university degrees in the tech areas that they teach.
  • Last, but not least, our Code Geniuses have a passion for instilling the next generation of coders, innovators, and thinkers with the confidence and skills they need to thrive in their digital future.


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