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Our Team

List of People Who Matter

Evan Boorman

As CEO and founder of CodeREV Kids, Evan draws from his experience as an education entrepreneur, STEM educator, and lead product manager for education software.

As Evan became familiar with local school curricula in his 14 years teaching STEM, he grew to see coding as the missing link that was not being taught in schools.

Evan feels fortunate to work with such talented and caring teachers, believing a company is only as good as its people. When not at CodeREV, Evan is usually helping CodeREV grow, or spending time with his two young daughters Sophia and Sienna, and his wife, Alex.

John Stuppy

Dr. Stuppy drives CodeREV Kids educational products to be as excellent as they can be. Dr. Stuppy is former CTO of Sylvan, CIO of Princeton Review, President of Tutor Vista, and VP of Product at ETS (Creators of the SAT, GMAT, and GRE).

Dr. Stuppy pioneered teaching software coding in the classroom, and is an education technology visionary, having earned 39 patents.

Dr. Stuppy has been featured by ABC, NBC, CBS, The NY Times, and The Wall Street Journal. He earned his B.S. in Biological Sciences and Masters in Curriculum Studies and Teacher Education at Stanford University, an MBA in marketing, and a Ph.D. in Education Policy from UCLA. He is an expert on fast growth strategies, mastery learning and technology enabled school reform.

Nati Rodriguez

Nati serves as VP of Growth for CodeREV. Nati’s mission is to increase education, success and work opportunities for learners of all ages. She has been at the forefront of edtech startups serving young to adult learners focusing on strategy, growth and customer success.

Nati has a Bachelor of Science and Master of Arts in Education from Stanford University and an MBA from the Mccombs School of Business at UT Austin. She serves on the board of Red Global MX Los Angeles and the Stanford Latino Alumni Association of Southern California.

Blair MacLeod

Blair MacLeod, the Head of Robotics Curriculum at CodeREV Kids and mechanical engineer, developed the Mars Rover Creator Bot over the past three and a half years. She started as an instructor and curriculum writer at CodeREV Kids during her college summers and has worked in engineering labs with drones, rockets, and embedded systems.

In addition to creating and developing the Mars Rover Creator Bot, Blair trains educators around the world to deliver innovative STEAM learning experiences.

James Pike

Jim Pike is a certified Microsoft Innovative Educator, PBS Digital Innovator, CodeREV’s director of game-based learning, and a 5th-6th grade teacher at Einstein Academy of Beverly Hills. Jim is a key presenter at Minecraft's enormous events - Minecon & Minefair - and the International Society for Technology in Education, and is the lead consultant on the Rio Hondo College MindCraft STEM-CTE l TEACH Grant Program.

Jim has been teaching with Minecraft for over 4 years and is the creator of MathCraft, which combines Math and Minecraft to teach math in a fun, highly effective way.

Together with CodeREV, Jim has developed the Minecraft Professional Learning Community, which offers Common Core Standards aligned lesson plans and professional development workshops.

Phillip Leslie

Phillip Leslie is a software engineer that has been passing down his ability to program to others for 8 years.

Phillip received his B.S. in Computer Science and Engineering from UCLA, and has provided his services for companies such as HP, Cisco, and Google. Phillip worked as a software engineer at Google for over 3 years, and is responsible for the relaunch of CodeREV's groundbreaking modding curriculum.

On his leisure time, Phillip enjoys hobbies like animating characters to life, bowling curve balls, reading superhero biographies, and pwning noobs in a variety of games.

Muhammad Humayoun

Humayoun earned his Bachelors of Engineering in Software Engineering from the National University of Sciences and Technology,

and has earned his Masters degree in Computer Science from USC. He has developed mobile apps and games for Android and iOS which have a combined more than 1 million downloads!

He has been passing down his abilities through teaching for the past 4 years, and especially loves to teach C++ and Java. You name it, and Humayoun can do it when it comes to programming and software development.

Mylo Lam

Mylo serves as a lead curriculum consultant for CodeREV as he works on mathcraft and other educational products and services.

While earning his Masters in Education at Harvard University, Mylo worked on Common Core alignment for Scratch, which he also worked on with the MIT Media Lab. Scratch is a popular a programming language designed for kids.

Mylo was also lead content manager for, curriculum developer at PlayMaker School, and lead researcher for NSF funded project Learning Lens, which assesses learning through multimedia data capture.

Mylo is also a talented actor.

Morgan Heacock

Morgan has been in the games and software industry for seven years. Having worked for Microsoft’s game testing division as a tester and trainer, Morgan taught custom tools to staff and created their training documentation. With a Bachelor’s in Computer Science, Morgan co-taught courses at Portland State University in both game development and programming.

Through these experiences, Morgan has developed a clear enthusiasm for teaching, and believes anyone can program. When not coding or teaching, Morgan keeps up with the latest in scientific discoveries, does digital painting and writes fiction.

Matt Fairweather

Matt Fairweather, founder of Torrid Games, is a 23 year veteran in the video games industry working as a lead engineer, producer, and designer. His most recent works include SurfGod and SurfGod: Heal the Bay, surfing eco-apps iPhone/iPad developed mostly by himself.

Prior to Torrid Games, Matt worked on projects for Sony, Sega, Midway, Accolade, Blizzard, and EA. Notable titles include Rachet & Clank 2, Ratchet Clank 3, Resistance: Fall of man, NFL Blitz 2000, and the NASA Ames lunar racing simulator.

Currently, Matt works part-time as a teacher and tutor for CodeREV Kids.

Luis Morales

Luis Morales is a one-man software development company, having developed business applications for lead generation, data gathering, automation, and optimization.

Before working for CodeREV, Luis tutored students grades K­ - 12 for a program that helps students from low income homes and underperforming schools. Luis specializes in mathematics and serves as one of CodeREV’s primary Mathcraft instructors and trainers. In his free time, Luis is a competitive Super Smash Brothers player, attending tournaments around Southern California.

Doug Bermudez

Doug is a professional artist and animator born and raised in the heart of Los Angeles! He’s a master of many disciplines, ranging from pencil drawing and digital painting to video editing and 3D animation using Autodesk Maya. Doug graduated from The LA Film School with a degree in Computer Animation and has worked freelance as a 2D and 3D designer before joining CodeREV.

Doug regards art as the most universal and timeless language there is, and an essential part of education. When Doug isn't teaching at CodeREV or honing his Maya skills, he enjoys video games, being active, and marathoning Japanese anime.

Jehlali Chatman

Jehlali is a talented 3D animation artist, with expertise in 3D modeling, video editing, photography, and more!

Jehlali received his degree in Computer Science from The Los Angeles Film School, and continues to hone his skills pursuing a career in game development.

Naturally, Jehlali is an avid gamer. Whether it’s a turn based role playing game, a competitive FPS, or a frantic one-on-one brawl in Mortal Kombat, Jehlali’s played it all! When Jehlali isn’t gaming, he enjoys cooking and can serve up one mean spaghetti dinner.

Daniel McKenzie

Daniel serves as COO and in-house legal counsel for CodeREV. Dan believes that education is the key to the success of our future generations, and that coding provides a highly effective and practical way to learn logic and problem solving skills essential for critical thinking.

Dan has years of experience managing education teams in the California bay area. He also co-founded Reelio, a global influencer marketing platform based in L.A. and New York. Reelio was recently acquired by Fullscreen.

Dan graduated from Stanford University with honors, and earned his Juris Doctor from UCLA School of Law.


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