CodeREV Tech Camp

What do Parents Have to Say?

My elementary school daughters loved the experience/camp, with thoughtful instructors that challenged them to code/build unique projects and understand math related equations. Park across the street allowed the kids to get outside too.

- Chris P.

My kids loved CodeREV Tech camps. They came into it a bit weary, not knowing anyone the week they started... But after the first day, they couldn't wait to get back. They were hooked, and made a bunch of new friends they still keep in touch with. They went back 3 different weeks last summer. They were a bit sad when summer ended, but will be back for Spring and Summer camps this year. We've already reserved their spots for 4 different weeks! Best part is that they are learning a ton. Happy kids, happy mom.

- Britney P.

I really enjoyed seeing my sons finally begging me not to pick them up from camp when the day ended! They definitely know what they are doing at CodeREV.

- John S.

What I loved most was that the kids at CodeREV all seemed to get along. Everybody gets one another because they are mainly all into the same things. The staff is so great at keeping all the campers engaged and excited, and getting the kids working together and helping each other. My daughter went to sleep happy every night and woke up excited to go to camp every morning. Thanks CodeREV.

- Sally P.

Best camp I've been to, period. Can't believe what my son, Brady, created at camp. He even kept coding after school at their center, and has really gotten good at it. He says he loves Ian, Anson, and Jack, oh, and Justin too (all instructors at CodeREV), but tells me what he likes best about each of them. They're all great. Very cute. Can't wait for summer this year.

- Jan E.

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