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CodeREV Kids Tech Camps are the ultimate camp experience in education and fun. Whether learning to write code, 3D model and animate, develop the next great app or game, or mod in Minecraft, your kids and their friends will love sharing in the confidence-boosting experience of creating with technology as they explore and develop their multimedia STEM skills.

Dallas Tech Camp Details


Weeks of June 11 and June 25


Parish Episcopal

4101 Sigma Rd, Dallas, TX 75244

+1 214-217-3300

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$250 a week

Daily Schedule

REV Engineering -
1pm - 4pm /Rising 3rd - 9th grades
Level Design -
9am - 12pm / Rising 1st - 6th grades
Adv Programming -
1pm - 4pm / Rising 1st - 6th grades
VR & 3D Video Game -
9am - 12pm / Rising 3rd - 9th grades
REV Engineering -
9am - 12pm / Rising 3rd - 9th grades


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On & Off
the Computer

Outdoor & Indoor Time

Kids spend time learning both on and off the computer during camp. Our outdoor activities are not only so much fun, but also include teamwork, team-building, and unique games that challenge both body and mind.

Our week-long summer tech camps are offered over 2 weeks this summer, so your child can enjoy creating technology at your convenience, all summer long. Tech camp courses are broken down by age, and within each age range, students may progress at their own pace. This way, students of all experience levels thrive at camp.

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Why CodeREV Kids?

Amazing One-Of-A-Kind Staff
  • Real-world tech experience at companies such as Google, Microsoft, Sony, Electronic Arts, & RIOT.
  • Content Creators themselves
  • Years of Experience Teaching Tech to Kids.
  • Completed Multiple Interviews
  • Completed Extensive Orientation Training
  • Completed Full Background Checks
  • Possess a Passion for Teaching Tech to Kids!
Created by Thought Leaders in STEM
  • Our Director of Education has been featured on the NY Times, Wall Street Journal, ABC, NBC, CBS and more, having helped pave the way for supplementary education across America.
  • Our Founder, Evan, spent over 14 years teaching STEM and Developing STEM Curriculum
  • Our curriculum is written and supported by education and computer science experts...
  • Out of the MIT Media Lab, Harvard Graduate School of Ed, & Stanford Graduate School of Ed
Lowest Staff to Student Ratio
  • Between 6 and 8 to 1 student to instructor ratio
  • Ensuring the individual attention kids need to excel
  • Making sure all questions are answered and each camper is always fully supported

About the School Site:

Everything in this state of the art location has been designed to support Tech engagement and learning - Coding, Building, Robotics, Animation, Design - we do it all here. Campers get a true feel of what it is like to be in the tech world, and the culture surrounding it. But, they also get the experience of being in an awesome summer camp, complete with one-of-a-kind outdoor activities 4 times per day.

Our tech studio near Dallas is where we teach our tech classes year round, and hone our process so that by the time summer comes around, our summer tech camps have been molded to perfection for all our campers' enjoyment! So why do you want to be here? Because of our unique classes and camps, where everything you see is built for tech exploration and enjoyment. We also boast an amazingly high speed internet, state of the art equipment, mods kids have only dreamed of, robots never seen before, Oculus Rift VR, and much more. Some team members even work in the local tech scene for app and game development companies, and other local businesses. So, come join in on the tech excitement and don't miss out on the chance to become true creators while tapping into all the summer fun @CodeREV Dallas Summer Tech Camp!

Details from Google Maps:

Parish Episcopal

7777 4101 Sigma Rd, Dallas, TX 75244, USA

+1 214-217-3300

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Meet Our Awesome Staff

Our instructors have worked at places such as Google, Microsoft, Electronic Arts, HP, Sony, Sega, Riot Games, and more! To our instructors, being a CodeREV Mentor is not just a summer job, it’s an opportunity to share their expertise in a mentorship role that they themselves often never had. This means that our mentors take their roles to heart, and it truly shows. Many campers have their favorites, which vary from class to class.

More about Phillip
"I teach modding, C++, and more." -Phillip, Previously Google Software Engineer, 8 yrs teaching Comp Sci to kids. UCLA - B.S. Comp Sci
More about Jess
"I may be a nerd, but I'm cool in digital!" -Jess, BA Interactive Media; Coder and Animator; 3 years teaching
More about Morgan
"Seeing kids' eyes light up - nothing like it" - Morgan, Professional game developer, lecturer Oregon State. Previously at Microsoft.
More about Bryan
"Half a million viewers tune into my YouTube Java courses; ready to learn my CodeREV Modding curriculum in person?" - Bryan, B.S. Comp Sci, Pro Developer
More about Luis
"I teach code to help kids solve problems" - Luis, programmer-entrepreneur, 5 years teaching;
More about Mylo
"I teach design thinking, I ask questions to lead campers to their answers" Mylo - M.A. Education, Harvard, worked on Scratch at M.I.T. Media Lab
More about Blair
"Hey, don't forget about hardware!" - Blair - Robotics champ, 3 years work experience in robotics/engineering
More about Pike
"Nothing better than doing your math homework in Minecraft" - Presenter - ISTE 2016, Minecon 2016; Creator of Mathcraft; Microsoft Innovative Educator.

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