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Frequently Asked Questions:

What are your Covid safety procedures?
You can take a look at our Covid safety procedures HERE
What happens if an in-person camp is canceled?
If you choose to sign up for a summer in-person camp and we are unable to secure a location in the area, you can transfer to a virtual camp held in the same week with the same hours or any other week (along with a credit for the price difference or partial refund), a full credit which you can also apply towards any future class or camp, or receive a full refund. If a CodeREV Kids in-person camp needs to be canceled to protect the health and safety of nour campers and teachers, our usual refund policy applies. You can get a full credit for the remaining days of the camp week which can be applied immediately to a virtual camp for the same subject and week, or any future camp or class.
Are kids on the computers all day long?
NO!!!   Our camp is only about half on the computers. The other half of the day is split into many exercises, from team-building to fun outside camp games, to creative games like charades based on our projects.
What are kids learning when they are making games?
In our game-making classes, kids learn object oriented programming (or coding), which is basically the type of programming taught in Computer Science courses in college. Campers also learn to create levels by utilizing game design skills and concepts specific to each software, create digital artwork and animations, and understand the entire development process critical to most jobs in the tech work force.
How is your instruction time split up?
We have several instruction sessions that focus around the class receiving instruction directly from an instructor in an interactive lesson format. Then we have building time, when campers interact with the programs to create their projects hands-on, and then feedback and iterate cycles, in which students receive feedback from their peers (pair and share) and instructors as they continue to develop their projects. There is also consistent feedback and guidance provided throughout building times because our very low student to instructor ratio allows for all student questions to be answered quickly and thoroughly.
How do instructors teach when answering student questions?
Typically, when students ask questions, instructors answer them with questions that help lead students to the answers themselves. This approach allows students to build their logical problem-solving and discovery process through both inductive and deductive reasoning. This type of logical reasoning is integral to success in many fields and in school. Occasionally, questions will be direct and straight forward, and in some of these instances, direct answers may be provided. Normally, though, we prefer students to come up with the answers to their most important questions on their own, with our guidance if needed. Our goal is to help kids ask better questions as they develop their skills, and become better at testing their own hypotheses to figure out how to create aspects of their projects. This is what makes great programmers.
Do you provide refunds if we have to cancel?
Yes, we provide refunds up until 3 weeks prior to a class start date, provided that we can fill the spot that was vacated. There is a $10 processing fee for all refunds. We also provide refunds within the 3 weeks prior to class if we can fill the spot, though these are less likely to be filled if spots are vacated so close to class.
Do you provide partial scholarships?
Yes, we do provide a partial scholarship program to students on Free and Reduced Lunch. These are awarded on a first come first serve basis, so please contact us if you are interested in a partial scholarship.
What do you guys do outdoors?
We play a bunch of really fun games that exercise the body, mind, and social-emotional skills. Some of the great games we play include reverse tag, team obstacle courses, capture the flag, charades with a twist, and freeze dance.
If a class is full, is there any chance we can get in?
Yes, we can put your name on a waitlist, and if a spot opens up, you will be awarded a spot on a first come first serve basis.
Who created your curriculum?
Our curriculum was created by a team of professional programmers, professors, and teachers. It was then honed by curriculum designers who were trained by the Harvard Graduate School of Education, the M.I.T. Media Lab, Cal Tech, and the Stanford Graduate School of Education. In fact, some of our designers even worked on the original Scratch development team at the M.I.T. Media Lab.
Is there a sibling discount or multi-class discount?
Check the available deals at given times throughout signups. There are often $25 total off for siblings and for multiple class sign ups.
What can I do to keep my kids learning once camp is finished?
Luckily, we have our center in Santa Monica where kids can take classes year round. We also have our online coding classes that can be purchased at Additionally, we teach at schools across the country, so if you connect us with the appropriate person from your school, we then may be able to come to your school to teach in the after school program, in computer class, in an elective class, or even in a workshop during math, science, or English class. Lastly, we even license some of our easier to teach curriculum to schools all over the world!
Do students sign up for multiple camp weeks?
Yes, most campers end up signing up for about 3 weeks of camp each summer.
Is there a continuation from one camp class to the next in terms of what students are learning? Does what they learn one week build off of previous weeks?
Yes, there is a continuation if campers take the same class multiple times, so they pick up right where they left off the previous week at camp. No two weeks of camp are the same at CodeREV, so what students do in the next class will NOT be a repeat of what they did before. If they sign up for different classes, the great thing is that the concepts they learned from one class will help guide them in the new class, so they are able to get more out of each class as they continue taking classes throughout camp season.
Who do I contact if I need to get ahold of staff at camp?
You will be given a direct phone number for the Director of your tech camp site location. You can call that number to have any of your questions or needs addressed immediately.
Do you provide refunds if we have to cancel?
We are providing full credits (not refunds) to any customers who have to cancel camp and cannot join our livestream camp and class sessions.

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