Modding in Minecraft

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Students learn AP computer science as they dig deep into Minecraft’s source code and program their own modification (”mod”) using the Java programming language. Students will create powerful teleporting swords, humorous blocks, cool mobs, bows that shoot arrows that summon ender dragons, entire worlds, and other insane items, all through the power of Java programming! Perfect for both the beginning coder and the intermediate Java modding aficionado, Code Rev's modding classes differentiate instruction based on your student's level of familiarity and provide mind blowing curriculum perfect for even the experienced modder.

For our younger modders Grades 2-4, we have an easy-to-code version of modding that teaches the same coding concepts, without the focus on typing out text-based code.

Code Rev is currently on 2 grants to provide professional development in this class to teachers. This class provides an excellent framework through which older students learn more advanced text based coding and younger students learn coding concepts and computational thinking by casing it in a framework that provides enormous motivation to students. By learning to code their own mods from the ground up, students are empowered to create their own exciting elements within the world of Minecraft and code special powers that ordinarily do not exist in the game. That’s right, they literally “hack” the game and write their own rules…while learning Java. This class is also aligned and supported by specialists out of the Harvard Graduate School of Education and M.I.T. Media Lab.

You can buy Minecraft online from their official website: Minecraft

  • 8:1 Max Student to Teacher Ratio;

  • Campers take home what they create!

  • Fun, Outdoor Camp Games;

  • Curriculum designed by ed-tech experts our of MIT Media Lab, Harvard, and Stanford Grad Schools of Ed;

  • Awesome Instructors with REAL tech work experience and a passion for teaching;

    • modding in minecraft

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